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Low cost professional tax preparation and filing

CTS provides low cost professional tax preparation and electronic filing software with federal and state packages including 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 5500, 706, 709, 990, and Miscellaneous. We provide toll free technical support, and tax support in the USA. As a CPA, EA, or Professional Tax Preparer our tax software is a must, and is the best of it’s generation. Our low cost solution enables you to prepare income tax returns for your clients fast and with ease. From New York, Washington, Los Angeles through to San Francisco we provide professional tax software for CPA’s, EA’s, and Professional Tax Preparers across the country. We are proud to offer a full tax program complete with individual, business, fiduciary, and state modules all included into your package. You have access to an unlimited number of modules and updates for the modules. We license the software per office transmitting to the IRS.


  • Free unlimited electronic filing. (CTS Pro Plus Packages & Premier Package)
  • Free access to all state modules. (All Packages)
  • Free access to all business modules. (Premier Package)
  • Free access to all business state modules. (Premier Package)
  • Free conversions from most major tax software providers. (Desktop)
  • Toll free technical and tax theory support. (All Packages)
  • Easy-to-use format based on the actual IRS forms layout. (All)
  • Opportunity to earn Free Tax Software. (1040 Online & Desktop)
  • Free Interview Module. (CTS-1040 Online Pro & Pro Plus)
  • Locked renewal pricing. (All Packages)
  • CTS 1040 Online Pro $399 (Includes 3 User Accounts, Free Marketing Materials, & Free Unlimited E-Filing)
  • CTS 1040 Online Pro Plus $649.00 (Includes 10 User Accounts, Free Marketing Materials, & Free Unlimited E-Filing)
  • CTS 1040 Desktop Pro $699 (Includes Unlimited User Accounts & Free Unlimited E-Filing)
  • CTS 1040 Desktop Pro Plus $899 (Includes Unlimited User Accounts, Easy Interview Module & Free Unlimited E-Filing)
  • CTS Premier Desktop $1,399 (Includes Unlimited User Accounts & Free Unlimited E-Filing All Forms & Schedules)
  • CTS Desktop Interview Module $300
  • CTS W-2/1099 $199
  • CTS Paperless Plus $525
  • CTS Paperless Plus Premier $699
  • CTS Client Write-Up $599
  • CTS Client Write-Up/Payroll $999
  • CTS Payroll $399
  • CTS Payroll Compliance Reporting $349

Our software performs most calculations for you.

  • Review return function that operates as an error-check system, preventing you from filing returns marred with errors.
  • Updates are managed by Automatic Updates which prevents you from filing with out of date forms and calculations.
  • Run reports using our Report Center to keep track of what returns you’ve processed. You can use these reports to analyze the productivity of your practice giving you in-depth insight on how your practice operates.
  • Integrated electronic filing and bank product modules allow you to do everything inside of just one piece of software.
    Our Client Profile organizes your clients and their information into a customizable spreadsheet.
  • User and security management to control which people in your office have access to certain functions, ideal for the busy office.
  • Our Backup and Restore function gives you the ability to backup your returns and move them to a new installation of the software. Backing up regularly ensures you can recover from an office disaster and be up and running within minutes.

System Requirements:

System Specifications

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7*,  Windows 8.1*, or Windows 10*

Recommended Minimum Processor:

  • Intel Core i5 or better processor
  • 2.8 GHz processor (minimum)

Other Requirements

  • RAM 8 GB – 4GB Minimum**
  • Available Disk Space 10 GB 3 GB Minimum***
  • CD / DVD 32 x DVD RW 8x CD-ROM
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Windows Compatible Laser Printer

*Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (with the lastest service pack) or Google Chrome

To see a full list of forms included click here