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CTS tax software is industry leading professional tax software for tax preparers that is designed for professional tax preparers, enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax offices. We provide low cost professional tax software, bank products, and unmatched tech and tax support for tax preparers, CPAs, accountants, and tax offices throughout the United States. Rest assured that we have all the essential tools needed to help you expand and grow your tax business, our professional tax software for tax preparers includes tax preparer forms for 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120,1120s, 5500, 706, and 709.
Our low-cost professional tax software for tax preparers is industry leading tax software and enables you to prepare a high volume of income tax returns for your clients fast and with ease, and is available in our 100% web based version or desktop installed versions.

Bank Products

We are now partnered with Tax Products Group (TPG), 3Fund, Refund Advantage, and Republic Bank to offer bank products.  Bank products are an easy way to grow your tax business.  Our bank products are integrated into the tax software, allowing for fast data entry, accurate data flow and calculations within the tax software.  Increase your competitive edge this upcoming tax season by offering bank products and have your tax preparation fees paid directly to you from your client’s refunds.  Call us toll free and purchase your software today and we will submit your application to offer bank products. Process 50 or more bank products and get free tax software the following tax season.  However, by qualifying for free tax software your office will earn increased profits and bank rebates.
Fee Assist: Get up to 50% of your tax preparation fees advanced upon IRS Acknowledgment – up to $400 per return. Therefore, increasing your cash flow during the early part of tax season.

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CTS Fast Cash Advance Program

Need a way to increase the traffic at your tax office? Similarly, do you want to make more money this tax season? Call for details on the fast cash advance program and learn how to grow your tax business.

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CTS Refund Advance Program

Your clients can apply for up to a $6,000 refund advance, therefore giving your office the tools to compete with the major tax franchises. The $6,000 refund advance is normally available in 24 hours

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CTS Reseller Program

The CTS Reseller Program provides independent tax professionals with the opportunity to sell our 100% web based tax software, create a national brand for your company, and grow another revenue stream.In other words

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