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Professional Tax Prep Software Solutions



Professional tax prep software and bank product solutions

CTS provides professional tax prep software solutions and bank products designed for professional tax preparers.  We provide all the essential tools needed to operate and grow your tax business.  Our mission is to help tax preparers to grow their tax business and bottom line profits with our professional tax prep software, innovative bank products, and generous rebates.  Our software is designed for single office use, multi-office operations, and service bureaus.  CTS has been proving industry leading tax software, tech and tax support since 2003.  Take your tax business to the next level with CTS tax software.

Each of our offices process hundreds of returns with just a few members of staff because of how quick and streamlined the tax return preparation process is with our professional tax prep software.  CTS offers free return backup and storage with all of our professional tax prep software packages. We offer free unlimited E-File on all the forms and schedules that are included in our CTS Premier Package. If you are new to the income tax business and need help opening a tax office, call us we are here to help. Open one tax office or multiple tax offices this tax season. Call CTS and start your own tax office today.

Reseller Program

Call for details on our reseller program.  We’re currently looking for tax professionals to market and resell our tax software.  You keep all of the profits from your sales.    We offer unmatched resources to help you grow your service bureau, increase your income and bottom line profit.  You make the sales and we provide the support, industry leading tax software, and innovative bank product solutions to help you grow your own service bureau.


Professional tax prep software below the retail price

We are a software company that offers professional tax software below the retail price. We offer toll free Tech Support, and Tax Support to all of our Clients. Take advantage of our strength in numbers and our purchasing power, and save on your tax software costs.

Protection Plus Audit Assistance

We have teamed up with Protection Plus Audit Assistance to offer low cost audit assistance. CTS is proud to offer the Protection Plus Audit Assistance program. The audit assistance program is integrated within the tax software. Some benefits of the audit assistance program are assistance with Federal 1040, Schedules A, C, and E. Pay up to $2,500 in penalties, interest, and tax liability should a legitimate tax preparation error occur. Opportunity for increased revenue with add on fee. Assistance with denied EIC returns. Tax Debt Relief Assistance. Assistance with ITIN W-7 rejections.

Year Round Support

CTS is open year round to support you and your tax business during and after tax season.

Bank Products

We are now partnered with Tax Products Group (TPG), 3Fund, Refund Advantage, and Republic Bank to offer bank products.   Bank products are an easy way to grow your tax business.  Our bank products are integrated into the tax software, allowing for fast data entry, accurate data flow and calculations within the tax software.  Increase your competitive edge this upcoming tax season by offering bank products and have your tax preparation fees paid directly to you from your client’s refunds.  Don’t get left out! Call us toll free and purchase your software today and we will submit your application to offer bank products.  Process 50 or more bank products and get free tax software the following tax season.

Call for details on our industry leading rebate program. Rebates up to $25.00 per funded bank product, and Protection Plus add on fee up to $55.00. All rebates are paid after tax season. Protection Plus add on fees are paid with your tax preparation fees.

bank-products3fundOffers low cost refund transfers and Refund Advances up to $6,000.  Your office must qualify to offer the Refund Advances.
Offers refund transfers and Taxpayer Advances up to $1,500.
bank-products.tpgOffers refund transfers, Pre-Ack Advances and Refund Advances up to $6,000.  Your office must qualify to offer the Pre-Ack Advances and Refund Advances.

bank-products.republic.bankOffers refund transfers, Pre-Ack Advances and Easy Advances up to $6,000.  Your office must qualify to offer the Pre-Ack Advances and Easy Advances.
bank-products.refund.advantage Offers refund transfers, Pre-Ack Advances and Refund Advances up to $6,000. Your office must qualify to offer the Pre-Ack Advances and Refund Advances.