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Bank Product Office Starter Package Only $249

Start your own tax business with the CTS 1040 Online Starter Package for only $249.

1040 Online - Professional Tax Software

CTS 1040 Online Pro Starter Package is industry leading professional tax software for tax preparers.  The starter package is 100% web based tax software and is only $249 plus $49 standard processing setup fee. Our 1040 Online Starter Package includes all the 1040 forms, all the states, bank product module, and auto updates. The 1040 Online Starter Package includes toll free tech support, access to our online tax knowledge library, free online document storage, free e-signature module, and free online training modules. 

Software license includes one user login per office license. Office owner must submit proof of valid EFIN. Standard e-file fee of $25 per return applies to all returns submitted without a bank product.  CTS specializes in offering discount tax software for tax preparers, tech support, tax form support, and innovative bank product solutions.  This package is a designed for tax preparers that want to go mobile with their tax business and offer bank products. 

With our 1040 Online Software you will have access to our traditional bank products that include early season loans and advances. Tax office must qualify to offer the loans and advances.  Purchase your software from CTS, sign up to offer bank products through Tax Products Group (TPG), Republic Bank, or Refund Advantage and we will provide you with free marketing system, and a free marketing kit to help you grow your tax business.

 The marketing kit includes 500 custom flyers. You will receive free or discount office posters from the bank after your office is approved to offer bank products.  Process 25 or more bank products this tax season using the CTS 1040 Online Starter Package and you will qualify for free tax software for the next tax season.

tax Software for Tax preparers

CTS Tax Software programs are designed for tax preparers that want to grow their tax business. Our programs requires that you have your EFIN and PTIN. We are available to assist you with the EFIN & PTIN application process if you do not have an EFIN or PTIN. Join CTS and you will be able to offer professional tax preparation services, refund transfers, refund advances and loans, and electronic filing services using our easy interview based tax program. 

We will provide you with professional web based tax software, free marketing materials, free marketing flyers, free tax software training, toll free tech support, and toll free tax support. You can operate your tax business as a home based business, or from a retail location. This is not a franchise, so you keep 100% of your tax preparation fees. Remain independent but receive the same support and have similar bank products as the major tax franchises.

The CTS 1040 Software includes all of the 1040 forms and all of the states. We have many banking options available with our program, Santa Barbara Bank (TPG), 3Fund, Republic Bank, and Refund Advantage.

Discount Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparers


The mission of CTS is to help independent tax preparers grow their tax preparation business using our professional tax preparation software, free marketing materials, and unique marketing system. CTS offers the same software used by thousands of tax professionals to prepare and e-file tax returns each year. We are now delighted to offer you the same tools for a successful tax practice. CTS utilizes state of the art 100% web based Professional Tax Preparation Software that is user friendly. CTS – PRO Tax Software is designed for the professional tax preparer specializing in personal tax return preparation, and business tax return preparation. The software system, while being fast and precise, remains accessible to the new user.

Our professional tax software provides you with the tools you need to start and open your own tax business. CTS tax software is designed for CPA’s and Tax Professionals that prepare a high volume of tax returns. Download the demo of our latest tax software today. Purchase your software from CTS and get all of the tools that you need to open and grow your tax business. Process 25 Bank Products using our CTS 1040 Online Starter Package and get free tax software the following tax season.

We have teamed up with Protection Plus Audit Assistance to offer low cost audit assistance. CTS is proud to offer the Protection Plus Audit Assistance program. The audit assistance program is fully integrated within the tax software. Some benefits of the audit assistance program are assistance with Federal 1040, Schedules A, C, and E. The audit assistance program will pay up to $2,500 in penalties, interest, and tax liability should a legitimate preparer error occur. Assistance with denied EIC returns. Tax Debt Relief Assistance. Assistance with ITIN W-7 rejections.

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