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When calling Support, if you are forwarded to voicemail, be sure to leave a detailed message and only call once. We will respond to all voicemails promptly during our published support hours.

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*CTS Refund Policy: CTS Tax Software order cancellations received within 72 hours of purchase will be offered a refund minus a $49 order processing fee and a $199 software setup fee. No refunds will be granted for software that has been installed on your computer, used to enter taxpayer information, used to enter tax office / tax preparer information, e-file tax returns, or prepare and print tax returns even if the request is received within the 72 hour refund window. Absolutely no refunds will be granted after 72 hours. All refund requests must be in writing. See CTS Support Agreement below.

CTS Support Agreement

CTS will provide telephone support and remote support subject to the terms of the support agreement.  Support shall not include, and CTS will not provide, any tax, legal or other professional advice of any kind.   CTS will not advise on the appropriate handling of any tax and accounting related issues. CTS will provide tax form guidance, such as how to link forms within the tax return, subject to the terms of the support agreement. Tax research tools are available for purchase and by the OFFICE OWNER / END USER.

CTS Support Agreement / Prior Year Software

Support for any prior year software may be limited per the terms of the support agreement. CTS may also choose to not support software that is installed on hardware that does not meet CTS standard published system requirements.   CTS is not responsible for any software that is installed on any hardware that does not meet our minimum system requirements.

End User Agreement

The OFFICE OWNER / END USER agrees that any employees will not knowingly place more than one call at any given time to the CTS support.  CTS reserves the right to terminate the OFFICE OWNER’s / END USER’s access to Support if it is determined that the OFFICE OWNER / END USER is committing acts that are disruptive to CTS Support.  Per the terms of the support agreement.   (e.g., being verbally abusive to any support representative, providing the CTS direct Support line to the OFFICE OWNER’s / END USER’s clients, excessive calls to the tech support line, etc.)

End User Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the OFFICE OWNER / END USER to know how to prepare tax returns and complete all forms in the tax software.  CTS will not prepare or complete tax returns for the OFFICE OWNER / END USER.  (See support agreement)

End User Agreement Part II

The OFFICE OWNER / END USER agrees and understands that all requests for support services must be directed to CTS via our toll-free number (866)540-1391 during our published hours of operation. Requests for tech and tax form support services via email will not be accepted, all requests for support services must be made via the toll-free number.  Saturday support is limited to peak tax season.

Support Termination. If the OFFICE OWNER / END USER does not renew the tax software, all Support services by CTS will be terminated on the 13th month after the purchase of the initial software. If the Online version of the software is used, any database of returns for prior years will not be available for use after the 13th month after the purchase of the initial agreement and your license to access the online software will be terminated.  The license to use the online software is an annual license and must be renewed on an annual basis.  Failure to renew the online software license will result in support termination and loss of access to the prior year software.

Software User Agreement

Subject to the terms below, CTS will provide END USER with the following, (a) the online or desktop computer software requested by the END USER on the Order Confirmation, (b) transmission and processing services needed to electronically file returns through the electronic return filing program and Bank products (as customarily used in the electronic tax return industry, including refund transfers (RTs), made available by one of our Participating Banks.


Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.  CTS grants the END USER a limited, nontransferable, nonexclusive right and license to use the software.  The END USER is also granted the right to permit Authorized Users to use, the software.

Use of the software is limited to performing tax preparation and e-filing services.  Software can be used with or without bank products.  END USER has no right to alter, reverse engineer, sublicense, distribute, transfer or transmit the software. The Order Confirmation will determine how many Authorized Users may be established for each copy of the software.

The License for the use of the desktop version of the software must be registered to, and is restricted to, a Licensed Location. Customer must pay the appropriate fees to establish and license additional Licensed Locations to use the Software other than the location of the Licensed Location. The license for the use of the desktop software must only be used at the Licensed Location per the agreement at time of purchase. If the User License is applied on more than one computer in the Licensed Location, the END USER understands that a wired network is the only means of Support from CTS.  CTS cannot be held responsible for problems or issues with non-networked locations in the Licensed Location.


It is the responsibility of the OFFICE OWNER / END USER to maintain the software passwords. Training is available for password management. CTS will provide three free password resets for the admin user. After three password resets the OFFICE OWNER / END USER will be billed $25 for each password reset. The OFFICE OWNER / END USER has the ability to reset passwords for all software users.


CTS does not offer or provide tax preparation training.  Our tax software is designed for tax professionals that already know how to prepare taxes.  CTS will train the OFFICE OWNER / END USER on how to login and setup the tax software. Training is also provide for setting up the return template / software defaults, and navigating the tax software.